Go from chaos to clarity: Unleash the power of Cleer books

Get your numbers back on track quickly with a Bookkeeping Catch Up.
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Your whole life has been about this —getting your company from startup, to funding, all the way to (fingers crossed!) exit.

Now, if you want to stay compliant with the IRS, you need reliable experts to help you navigate the complexities of U.S. tax laws. Not only are our accountants IRS Enrolled Agents, but they also have years of experience working with business owners around the world.

Most businesses don’t know how much they need clean books until they’re desperate for them—as in yesterday.

To raise funds, file your taxes or just make smart business decisions, clean and up to date books and financial statements are not a nice-to-have. They’re mission critical.

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No mess is too big (or small) for us to handle

Our monthly catchup bookkeeping pricing is designed to help any sized company catch up and organize their finances. 

We charge for each month that needs to get reconstructed, so you only pay for what you need. Additionally, our monthly catchup bookkeeping pricing is based on how large a job it is (by expenses), so you’re only paying for what you need, vs a huge flat fee.

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We don’t just cleanup once, we help you stay that way

When doing your books in arrears, we set up your chart of accounts, COGS categorization and more in Xero. This means, if you decide to do your bookkeeping internally in the future, you can do so more easily moving forward. 

Once you’re all caught up, like most of our clients, you may choose to offload it all with our comprehensive All-Inclusive Bookkeeping & Tax Prep package, so you never fall behind again.

Catchup Bookkeeping Packages

Our packages are best for companies that have fallen behind on their bookkeeping and need to catchup so they can file their taxes, attract investors or simply have a better view of their finances.

Company's Monthly Expenses0 - $5k$5k - $10k$10k - $50k$50k - $100k$100k - $200k$200k - $500k
Monthly Bookkeeping & Prep of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement
Dedicated Bookkeeper
Custom Chart of Accounts
Receipt Scanning - Multi Language (Japanese, Chinese too)
Income Sourcing Best Practices
COGS Categorization
Accrual Accounting
FDII Breakouts
(per month that needs to be caught up)

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Our Process

Your time is valuable, so we keep things easy and straightforward

Our simple 4-step process is both streamlined and flexible to adjust based on your needs.

Set Up Your Financial Foundation

We kick off by setting up your Chart of Accounts in Xero, a top-notch online accounting software system. This lays the foundation for your financial journey.

Seamless Data Upload

Next, we make data upload a walk in the park. Whether it’s connecting your accounts online or uploading CSV files from your banks or credit card companies, we’ve got you covered.

Precise Categorization

Our meticulous team dives into categorizing every transaction. While some are straightforward, others may need your input to ensure they’re correctly placed.

Clean Financial Setup

By the end of this process, you’ll have a pristine financial setup in Xero, ready to empower your business.

Still have questions?

We can go as far back as your records go. We have seen folks who are 2 or 3 years behind and that’s not a problem as far as the bookkeeping cleanup goes. You don’t need to be embarrassed. We’ve seen it all before.

For the clean up we will set up the chart of accounts in Xero, an online accounting software system. Next we’ll upload your data to Xero, this can be done by connecting accounts online, or if the data is not available digitally we can upload CSV files that you send us from your banks, credit card companies, etc.

Then we get to work categorizing everything. Some things will be clear and easy and some things we’ll need to check with you to ensure we understand what it is and where it should be categorized.

In the end you’ll have a clean financial setup in Xero! 

Then you can choose to continue to reconcile your transactions or you can sign up for one of our All-Inclusive packages and we can do it for you. 

When the clean up is done you will have a clean and updated set of financial records. This will include your Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow statement.

Then you can decide if you would prefer to continue to reconcile transactions yourself going forward or if you would like to sign up for one of our All-Inclusive packages where we can maintain your monthly bookkeeping and file your annual tax return. 

Well that can be tricky! The IRS does allow some leeway when tax records have been destroyed because of fire, flood, etc. In those cases we need to try to recreate the financial situation as best we can with the records that are available.

We will need your financial records such as bank account records and credit card records, as well as anything else that is relevant. This is not an audit service so we don’t need receipts for everything (although the IRS can ask for that in an Audit so it is a good idea to keep them). 

Start your financial journey on the right foot

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