Focus on your U.S. market expansion, not on complex tax compliance

With deep expertise in US tax reporting for foreign subsidiaries, we can lead you through compliance, tax optimization & tax preparation.
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In today’s interconnected world, the reach of many businesses extends far beyond national borders, but comes with many challenges.

Branching out to the U.S. Market is exciting, but the US boasts the world’s most intricate tax code, with foreign subsidiary tax reporting being the pinnacle of complexity. 

For instance, while most accountants won’t touch complex forms like form 5471, it’s in these challenging scenarios that Cleer Tax really shines!

Our deep expertise with foreign subsidiary tax reporting means we can help you stay compliant by leading you every step of the way. From tax optimization to preparation, we’ve got you covered.

Our foreign subsidiary tax reporting package is designed to include all the forms the IRS requires so you can focus on your expansion, while we focus on your taxes. 

Foreign Subsidiary Tax Reporting Packages

Company's Revenue & Expenses$0 to $5k$5k - $250k$250k - $1m$1m +
Best forFor companies with foreign subsidiaries that are in the pre/early revenue stage who want to make sure their tax returns are filed correctly from the start.For companies with foreign subsidiaries that have either received funding or have launched their products & services.For companies with foreign subsidiaries that have product-market fit and are rapidly growing their operations.For companies with foreign subsidiaries that have passed the million dollar mark!
Federal Tax Return with included Forms
Form 5471
Form 8833
Form 926
Form 8992 for GILTI
FinCen 114
Form 8938
FinCen Beneficial Ownership Report
Package Price:$2,599$3,499$3,999

Beyond what's included in the form 5471/foreign subsidiary tax package, certain businesses might require the submission of extra forms, depending on their unique circumstances.

  • Delaware Franchise Tax Preparation – For C corps registered in Delaware this filing is required annually and due March 1st.
  • Tax Filing Extension – This is a 6-month extension from the original tax due date of March 15th for S-corps and April 15th for C-corps.

Still have questions?

So this means all the forms that are regularly included in our Federal Tax Return package. This includes Form 1120, Form 5472, Form 1125-A, Form 1102-W, Form 8949, Form 6252, Form 1139, and two Form 1099s. Plus the Foreign Subsidiary package includes Form 5471, Form 926, Form 8992, Form 8938, the FinCen 114, Form 8833 and more. 

Individuals or U.S. entities that own a foreign corporation are required to file form 5471. It is a large and detailed form used to ensure money is not being hidden offshore. This is a difficult and time consuming form to prepare. 

Form 8833 is used if you are taking a tax treaty-based position on a tax return. 

This form is used when your company has transferred tangible or intangible assets to a foreign corporation or subsidiary. 

Form 8992 is used to report the Global Intangible Low Taxed Income. 

Form 8938 is part of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). This requires you to report specified foreign asset to the IRS each year. 

FinCen 114 is a foreign bank account report that is submitted to the U.S. Treasury department. It is similar to the FATCA form, but goes to a different branch of government. 

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